The Common Roots Project is a cultural diplomacy effort utilizing cuisine and music as the primary discovery learning tools.

Our goal is to break down the barriers that divide us and find the common roots that bind us.

Cultivate wholistic nourishment to build stronger, healthier, more unified and productive communities.

Curated by Chef/DJ  Ryan McGuire.  Follow along as we delve into the culture, heritage and traditions of our neighbors and friends with an open invitation to learn more about you.

Find out how you can be involved and become part of the EFECT (Exploratory Flavor Education Collaborative Team)  Be a #flavorfinder.

What can we do?
The Common Roots Project can provide services such as:
Cooking classes and/or demo’s for all ages,
Help promote individuals or business’ that embody the CRP basic principles,
Create food and culture related content for media outlets,
Provide a live DJ session or pre-recorded music playlists,
Partner with companies, universities and non-profit organizations.
Recipe writing and menu consultations.
Neighborhoods are constantly evolving, the demographics of these neighborhoods naturally change as well. Our method of approaching an understanding of this change is simple, sign up to be a #flavorfinder in your neighborhood and let’s begin to learn from one another.
If you are interested in learning about how the Common Roots Project can be a part of an event or if you have something to contribute that fits with our mission and vision please contact us so we can plant the seed together.
Chef Ryan McGuire

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