It was about 2012, and the wax myrtle’s were in bloom.  I was finally feeling a little more settled in North Carolina but not really sure where to go hunting for vinyl.  I decided to “hop that hurdle” (thus the title of the mix) and shake things up a bit. I purchased a Numark CD/MP3 controller which  allowed me the ability to purchase tracks online which gave me a bit more freedom and a wider selection at my fingertips. My preferred method is flipping through dusty bins in a physical store and supporting my locals but it’s becoming more and more difficult to find an actual record store. This set ping pongs back and forth between vinyl and CD.  Some old classic house tracks mixed in with the tracks from that year.  Filtered, dubby, indie dance, nu disco burners for your eardrum’s. Enjoy!

Stay tuned-in and follow along to get the most recent DJ Rhymic mix’s.

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