Oak City Soul Sessions

I couldn’t think of a better day to release Vol. 1, Side A of Oak City Soul Sessions than Dias de los Muertos / All Souls Day.   On this day in many places around the world we pay respects to those who have passed. We reflect on the lives of our family members and our loved ones. We remember their lives and send prayers. It’s a time to reflect back on the way things were, to reminisce.  A time to consider where we are now and how we relate to our past and the ancestors who came before us.

This most recent collection of music is a continuous mix curated by Common Roots Sound system (AKA DJ Rhymic) the self-proclaimed #flavorfinder in pursuit of all that is soulful while living in a city that’s in a state of constant flux. Raleigh, NC “the city of oaks” where old is often replaced with new. A southern city steeped in rich tradition in the midst of growing pains, trying to handle the surge of outsiders while trying to maintain its identity.  Conflicting issues of urban gentrification and planned communities with cul de sac’s and HOA’s are sprouting up like weeds upon land that once supported tobacco farms.  This newness can be nice but if this growth doesn’t #CultivateWholisticNourishment it sometimes lacks the character and charm and may lend to poor taste.  I’m in search of the faded signs of yesterday with that funk and yet in support of the new school, freshly painted, still wet to the touch signs of today over establishments that exude a new school soul with the right approach that brings brightness to this city. Come along and be explorers with us on this journey of finding flavor.

This juxtaposition has been the invocation for this latest series I’m calling Oak City Soul Sessions.  It’s a sampling of songs from the past and present, mixed in new and creative ways, paying respect to the artists and musicians who came before while appreciating the sounds that are touching to the soul at the moment.  My intention is to create mixes that blend different worlds together. Seamlessly intertwining new with old by digging in the crates but also searching out the freshest cuts. Peacefully crossing borders without barrier. Genre bending. Exploring songs of protest, songs of love, broken hearts and blues. A thoughtful selection of tracks that evoke a feeling. To bring awareness to current situations while looking back at examples from our past.  An exploration of flavor that may #CultivateWholisticNourishment. #findingcommonroots.

The intro to this mix brings awareness to current issues with an audio sample from  #RedWarriorCamp footage from #StandingRock  in Cannonball, ND. It transitions to the first track called “Ain’t no more flowers” by Deadbeat. If you’ve never had to worry about your water source then it’s never been an issue for you but if you’ve lived in areas of incredible drought, or experienced a crisis such as the one that happened in Flint, Michigan I’m sure you could have empathy for the situation in ND. No water=no flowers=a bleak situation. As the mix progresses it’s heavily drenched in dub/reggae, blues and soul styled beats (new and old).  Please enjoy and follow the site to keep posted on updates and the latest mixes.



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