Roots & Culture- A danceable feast

Join us on November 17th for this unique food and music event at Rebus Works in Raleigh, NC.  Roots & Culture is the name and theme of the evening.  A multi-course meal placing focus on root vegetables and fermented/cultured foods crafted up by Chef Kim Hunter (UMMA) and  Chef Ryan McGuire (DJ Rhymic/Common Roots Project). Soundscape selectionsContinue reading “Roots & Culture- A danceable feast”

The Cure For Your Meatloaf Craving On #MeatlessMonday

Lentil loaf Yield– 1 loaf pan- 9, ¾” portions Lentils, dry- 2 Cups Olive Oil- 1 Tbsp Onion, minced- ¼ Cup Poblano Pepper, minced- ¼ Cup Celery, minced- ¼ Cup Carrots, minced- ¼ Cup Mushroom, small dice- 1 Cups Garlic, minced- 2 tsp Glaze (sub recipe below)- 4.5 oz (1.5oz + 3oz) Cornmeal, fine- ½Continue reading “The Cure For Your Meatloaf Craving On #MeatlessMonday”

Lobster with Hot Chocolate & the mistakes we make

Shortly after graduating from Culinary school I found myself working at Bobby Flay’s restaurant Mesa Grill in NYC.  It was an exciting time for me. I was very eager, and I had proved myself to my Chef and worked my way around the line to become Sous Chef.  As a Sous Chef, we had theContinue reading “Lobster with Hot Chocolate & the mistakes we make”

MOFU Shoppe! The SNEAK PEEK Mixtape

It was a pleasure being able to be a part of the MOFU Shoppe sneak peek event last night.  The good folks behind Phonomenal Dumpling food truck are opening a brick and mortar restaurant in downtown Raleigh.  It was a clever way to create some excitement around their arrival to the space and it wasContinue reading “MOFU Shoppe! The SNEAK PEEK Mixtape”

Meet Boricua Soul

Boricua Soul Food Truck–“Southern Soul, Caribbean Flair, Euro-African Roots” Home Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in the Triangle area?  I was raised in Connecticut by my grandparents. My grandfather was from Hillsborough, so when they retired in 1995 they moved to Durham. I have been coming to Durham sinceContinue reading “Meet Boricua Soul”

Flavor Finds of the Month

“When thinking about our basic mission and how to apply it towards the project, it always will boil down to the one key ingredient which is community cooperation unless of course you live as a hermit in a far away secluded place. Participation from you is encouraged and crucial to our growth. With so much misinformation in the media and our social networks nowadays there’s no better time than now to help us grow our cause. To push unity, to build community, to learn from one another about what makes us special and unique. To share. To find. To Explore.”

The Saltbox “Fresh Grease” Mixtape

I’m extremely excited to share with you the first mix of what will hopefully end up as a series.  The Saltbox “Fresh Grease” Mixtape was a collaboration with Chef Ricky Moore of Saltbox Seafood Joint in Durham.  Chef Ricky gave me a list of songs that he’d love to hear on his mixtape and IContinue reading “The Saltbox “Fresh Grease” Mixtape”