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Chef’s Bodega

The Neighborhood Flavor Purveyor

    As the founder of the Common Roots Project I often ask myself how I might begin to sum up what it is that defines my flavor.  When attempting to do so, I often think about how inspired I was by the buzz of the NY Bodega.  The Bodega,  also known as a neighborhood convenience or general store was sort of an infatuation of mine while living in Queens, NY.  What I found extremely interesting is that these store’s would always cater the provisions they carried to the liking’s of the residents in the neighborhood so you would see such a diversity of folks walking in and out of the Bodega’s doors.  A true display of the American dream, an immigrant hustle.  This concept really speaks to my cooking style and what I work towards accomplishing which is learning more about my neighborhood’s flavor and exploring this convergence of diversity in hopes of efficiently and peacefully communicating within my community.  In this way, I can Cultivate Wholistic Nourishment by utilizing the “Bodega” as my flavor.  The concept and style that combines the cultural influences that make up a particular neighborhood.  It’s a way of cooking, it’s the inspiration for sounds collected for a mix tape. The raw colors and street art on the walls or the labels on the products on its shelves. It’s the constant hunt for more flavor.

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